Back to the SAND!

With my extended winter-off season last year, I was very excited to compete again - this time beside my brother, Danny.

Our training in Guelph really did help to prepare ourselves for this. It was a significant stage, last summer when together with Danny we entered for the first time to compete at the Volleyball Canada Beach National Championship. This was my first official tournament back which was quite significant to me as I suffered an injury during the indoor season—a story for another day.

With Danny, we met some of the best in Ontario. The day did not go smoothly as we thought, as we battled through different situations to get us into the finals. And, with everything we had we secured the 2022/2023 University and Colleges Beach National Championship. This experience has really increased our belief in ourselves that we can play well with other sand teams even indoors. 

But winning it all with Danny was the true golden moment.