Over the summer, 

8x8beachapparel duo Jonny Pickett and Steven Abrams put up an impressive summer with a few tournament wins against notable competition and idols. With a full travelling schedule, the pair saw lots of great competition in both provincial and international play.

The duo started their beach season debut winning the OVA Adult Opens which set the tone for the summer. This gave momentum to the duo as they were crowned the Calgary Open Champions at the next tournament. Headed into one of the biggest beach volleyball events of the year, the Vancouver Open was a huge learning experience. Winning tight matches along the way against great competition helped prepared Jonny and Steven for the Canada Summer Games. 

Winning gold and representing Ontario at the Canada Summer Games was an event that was needed to stamp our name into the history books of Team Ontario. 


The last event of the year, FISU (Federation Internationale du Sport Universitaire) was our first international event for our beach volleyball careers. Providing the needed experience of playing against international competition, it allowed for us to test our skills against the World's best University pairs. 

Overall, summer 2022 is one to remember as it was the first on-the-sand year for 8x8beachapparel. Thank you to everyone for their generous support over the year, we can't wait to release what we've been working on!